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Hirschmann Guitar Service & Repairs

We are the leading guitar service specialists for semi-hollow body, hollow body, acoustic and vintage instruments in Germany! Known world wide as a second home for touring artists. While doing all repair and service works for electric & acoustic guitars, basses and mandolins etc.(no matter what brand), we also give expert opinions for insurance companies and do instrument apraisals for customers who are planning to buy or sell.

We provide fulltime service for repairs, meaning that repairs are not just "done on the side" but are our main concern. Usually the instruments are repaired and ready to Rock´n Roll the following day or latest 3 workdays after submission. (Appart from paint jobs and finishes)

In urgent cases, for example touring artists, repairs can be done in a couple of hours (for a minor surcharge).

To avoid unnecessary waiting and allow us to take the time we need for you and your instrument we ask that you call (+49 511 / 76 351 555) and make an appointment with us. 


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The «Hirschmann School of Lutherie» offers a wide variety of courses and workshops for beginners and pros alike. Learn to set up your own instrument perfectly, build it under instructions or wind your own pickups!  [ read on! ]   We love semi-acoustic and archtop guitars and get to see beautiful ones every day. But we don't want to keep them from you, so here is a selection of the pretiest ones: our «Hotties» [ read on! ]


Adam: I handed over my Lakewood to be refretted and could pick it up 5 days later. She looks alot better now than she did before and plays great again. Thanks for the good advice and service.



There is one thing that wood really can't stand: Air that's way too dry! Especially in winter you should take great care of your acoustic instruments...  [ read on! ]   Lars Erhardt songwriter and producer with his Telecaster Custom (in his left hand)... [ read on! ]

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Setup & Electronics

Our setup includes the following:

  • Checking and (if necessary) adjusting/setting the neck tension
  • Setting up the best possible string height/action
  • Adjusting/setting the intonation
  • Testing of electronic components and (if necessary) cleaning of pots, re-tinning of soldering joints (Spare parts extra)
  • Removal of dirt and residue on frettboard, finishes and hardware


Structural Repairs

Among other things we offer:

  • Straightening of warped tops
  • Renewal/straightening of acoustic guitar tops
  • Renewal/repair of bracing
  • Neck reseting
  • Custom fitted acoustic saddles
  • Repair of cracks, dings and dents in the body/finish
  • Routings of all shapes and sizes (Tremolo, pickups etc.)

Neck Repairs

The neck is the crossroad where the musician and guitar meet.

Appart from common repairs such as refretting or leveling, we offer a whole variety of services for optimization.

Among other things we offer:
  • Refretting (Extra hard fret material or alternatively stainless steel frets)
  • Fret dressing (leveling & crowning)
  • Repair of broken headstocks/necks
  • Modification of neck profile and fretboard radius
  • Exchange and renewal of fretboard inlays


The finish and it's quality is crucial in the overall character and quality of an instrument. It defines its beauty, influences the sound and needs to protect the instrument optimally.

We offer the following finishes:
  • Polyurethane (DD)
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer (NC lacquer)
  • Shellac (French polish)


Best Service For Your Instrument.

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